If you have struggled to creat a website in WordPress or another CMS, this is a nice read to let you know you are not alone. This post to WPMU.org, the WordPress Experts, was created by Ronnie Burt on February 20, 2012.

This is a post by Michael Cervieri comparing four open source content management systems with great insight and clarity. Although it is from 2009, it is still very helpful. Michael Cervieri is a ScribeLabs co-founder, Executive Producer of ScribeMedia.Org and an Adjunct Professor at both the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and its School of International and Public Affairs. You can find him on Twitter at bmunch.


Video created by Solostream, January 1, 2010
Perch is a really little content management system for when you (or your clients) need to edit content without the hassle of setting up a big CMS.

Perch costs £35 (+ VAT where applicable) as a one-off unrestricted license cost per website. Perch runs on your own server and there are no ongoing monthly costs.

Free add-ons make adding things like a blog,formsgallery or events calendar a breeze.